Halan: Cannot say I do not love you.
Cannot say how much I do.
Seal my heart, seal my emotions:
I won’t be your lover true.
Tossed around by fate and enemies,
what to think we do not know.
I can never be your lover,
yet I fear my love will grow.

Anders: Far from home, far from the angels,
you and I is all we have.
All alone my heart is pounding,
my true love is in his grave.
Don’t know how I came to love you,
you’re so weak and cannot feel.
Still, you are so much alike him –
I will learn to break your seal.

Halan: I can only love or hate you,
there is nothing in between.
If this means I’ve got to hate you,
I will hate my heart unseen.
Blood of mine, I must not love you.
Heart of mine can’t know the way.
Mind of mine, what keeps you waiting?
Tell him what I dare not say.

Anders: Will you tell me that you love me?
I can feel it, don’t deny!
Hark to what your heart keeps telling,
if you don’t, I’ll make you cry.
I don’t want to be a ruler.
I don’t want to find my crown.
All I want is to be lovéd:
Love me, leave me not alone.

Both: Our hearts will not obey us.
We must not obey our mind.
If we kill what keeps us living,
we will die, no love we’ll find.
Let our hearts entwine together:
Angel’s blood can’t guide us wrong.
Promise you’ll be mine forever.
If we love, but then we’re strong.